31 January 2022

31 January 2022 - The Clique - Superman

This song was recorded in 1969 by The Clique, who hailed from Austin, TX.  Their sound was a little trippy, and this song was originally a B-side.  

The song is a little combative.  The narrator is expressing his feelings for a girl, who happens to be with someone else.  

The Clique were not at all keen on recording "Superman", which they did not write (Gary Zekley and Mitchell Bottler get the songwriting credits).  They saw it as a bubblegum pop song, but also, they wanted a hit, so, there you go.  The music industry was no less seeking sellouts in 1969.  

But, anyway, it was important to me that you didn't think this was R.E.M.'s song.   

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