28 November 2021

28 November 2021 - INXS - Don't Change

I had way too much material for just one Hall of Fame week.  This is why I'm posting on the weekend.  

And I couldn't ignore the biggest INXS anthem of all.   Initially not a big hit song, this has become one of their most played and most popular.   And it's for good reason - the song is so uplifting and sweet.  Opening with one of the most iconic synth solos of the 1980's, it erupts quickly into a full band showcase.  

The song is about a love that was lost and found again.  I like to think of it as the reclamation of a relationship after a breakup, or maybe finally finding that love after failed attempts.  The resolution of happiness and execution of bitterness in the lyrics is referring directly to that love, and the pleas to not change are a wonderful reminder and acceptance to love those who we love just as they are.  

Of course, because Michael Hutchence is no longer with us, there were a finite number of times he performed this song.  This performance, from September 27 1997 in Pittsburgh PA, is sad in hindsight, knowing that it was the final time he'd sing the song - he would be dead exactly two months later.  Still, even though it's only audio, you can hear his stage presence, even in his exhaustion.  

In 2011, Kirk Pengilly and Andrew Farris - not typically lead vocalists - took the vocal duties for a slower, deeper version of this song they co-wrote.  It is a fitting tribute.

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