15 November 2021

15 November 2021 - Michelle Branch - Everywhere

OK, I admit it.  

I like Michelle Branch.  

She was one of the first artists I felt like I was "too old" to enjoy, a sentiment I have CLEARLY overcome.  But, in 2001, I was in a place in my life where that was a reality.  

In 2021, I realize that that is not a sentiment anyone should have.  

Especially with this song!  It's a brilliant pop-rock masterpiece, co-written by Branch, dealing with the early throes of falling in love - or so it's been intepreted. Branch herself has said that the song is ambiguous on purpose, leaving its meaning to the listener to determine.  Combined with her earnest performance, it ended up being a top 20 hit and one of her biggest worldwide.   

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