07 June 2012

7 June 2012 - Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World

OK, I'm going to give Hair Metal Thursdays a break for a while. I knew it was time when I couldn't decide on whether to post a White Lion or a Stryper video. Frightening thought. Never fear though as I'm proud to bring you NEW WAVE THURSDAYS. Wow, I'm just horrible at naming things. I swear if it wasn't for my wife, my cats would be named Orange Cat, Grey Cat and Other Orange Cat. Someone please hit me up with a name that isn't so lame (for New Wave Thursdays, not the cats, we're pretty settled on Jeter, Posey and Joey in that regard).

Anyway, for the debut New Wave Wednesday post here's Canada's Men Without Hats with a song that has recently popped up on a laundry commercial. Believe it or not, I always liked this song more than Safety Dance.


  1. One of my favorites, as well. Much to Mike's chagrin.

  2. I am partial to Safety Dance, but I kind of like this one, too!