12 June 2012

12 June 2012 - Janelle Monáe (featuring Big Boi) - Tightrope

I don't listen to a lot of soul/R&B artists, but there are a few acts these days that are pretty freaking rad. I'd put Janelle Monáe in that category. This song is so freaking infectious...and the video's way cool too.

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  1. The first time I heard this song, I was trying to understand the hype, particularly in comparison to her 2007 Metropolis EP, but then at the 2 minute mark, when Big Boi comes in, the song moves into a frenetic hyperdrive. The lead-in for the first two minutes in the video is more interesting, so it doesn't feel like as much of a sudden switch in the song from just above average to totally outstanding.