03 June 2012

3 June 2012 - Curve - Coast Is Clear / Fait Accompli

Today, we enjoy a band - a two-piece, led by the fantastically talented Toni Halliday - that never enjoyed enough success in this country.  It's a shame they aren't together anymore - Toni and Dean Garcia made some great, hard-edged music.  This was the first song of theirs I heard - I never understood why it wasn't a hit.

This was the 2nd song of theirs that I heard.  They had a song that was both contemporary for their time and the shoegazing scene that was so popular then AND intensely hard-edged.   Was it hard rock? Was it electronica?  Curve somewhat defied labels, which might have been their problem.

Listen to this song.  Now, try to picture some of Garbage's big hits.  This predated them by several years.  I like Garbage, but they owe a huge debt to Curve.

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