18 January 2012

18 January 2012 - Avril Lavigne - Complicated

I had this whole speech prepared about how much I enjoy the bratty pop stylings of Avril Lavigne, but it pretty much went nowhere (it sucked). Then I realized that with today's induction, 40 percent of my posts so far have been about Canadian artists. Can liking Canada be a guilty pleasure? I kid. Of course it is. I kid again. Here's a fun video from her debut album. (editor's note: we here at Wicked Guilty Pleasures LOVE Canada and it's wonderful people). (editor's note No. 2: except for Jim Carrey).

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  1. So, you clearly haven't read my post on my other blog - http://socialtony.blogspot.com/2011/11/several-of-things-i-love-about-canada.html. Much love for Canada here.