15 January 2012

16 January 2012 - Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities

This is an odd choice for me, mostly because I don't really think of Dashboard Confessional as a "guilty pleasure," but I know plenty of people who would. I can't say I've been on board with DC since the beginning (I discovered their second album when they opened for the Get Up Kids years ago). While the heart on your sleeve lyrics may turn off some (and yes, I've heard the claims of him sounding whiny), I always found it refreshing. They have remained one of my favorite bands to see live...it's always a great experience to hear about 10,000 people singing every lyric (and while the person next to you may be tone deaf, it somehow sounds like the coolest choir ever). It goes without saying, but this video is from one of my favorite movies ever...

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