03 August 2023

3 August 2023 - Lyle Lovett - Church

Perhaps my favorite album title of all time is Lyle Lovett's 1992 album, Joshua Judges Ruth. For those Chritians out there, they are the 3 books immediately following the Torah (the first five books) in the Old Testament.

That is a pretty cool way to title your album. 

The former Mr. Julia Roberts has carved out a nice alternative country career that has recieved a lot of critical acclaim, and with good reason - he writes and performs good, unique country music.  Take this song, from the aforementioned album.  It would not be out of place at a Southern revival, or on country music radio.  It's a spirited song.

The beauty of Lovett's music is when it is performed live.  You can see just how much of this song is powered not by musical accompaniment - which is sparse but ever-present - but by the power of his voice and of his backing vocalists.  This song really and truly takes on a spiritual feeling - and you actually hear the lyrics.  It's really not a terribly spiritual song.  

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