22 August 2023

22 August 2023 - Big Data ft. Joywave - Dangerous

Big Data is Alan Wilkis, a producer.  His music project is an electronic one.  This song is billed to him and billed as featuring Joywave.  

Wilkis co-wrote the song, but so did Daniel Armbruster, who used to be the other half of Big Data and was, at the time, the vocalist for a Rochester, NY band called Joywave, and its his voice and the band's music you hear in this version.  The song is super bass-heavy, which is cool as heck.

You knew I had to drop Rochester in there.  I lived there for 26 years, after all.  

It's kind of blurry who this should be billed to.  What isn't blurry is that this collaboration is both the biggest hit Big Data ever had, but also the biggest hit Joywave ever had.  

The video is violent and depicts the marketing of an athletic shoe that incites violence.  

The lyrics video took a different approach - showing the dangers of, well, big data.  An accompanying app - which seems to not work anymore - would make a video out of your Facebook timeline.  Seriously.

What also is not blurry is that Joywave doesn't perform with Big Data.  They are separate bands, with separate members.  The male vocalist (who's doing a lot of the electronic work as well) is Alan Wilkis. Not gonna lie, I like this version, too.   

(Update: 4 October 2023) Joywave actually didn't play this song live until 2021.  They chose their hometown of Rochester, NY to pull it out for the first time.  They also pulled out not one, not two, but THREE bass guitars to make sure you could hear that sound from space.

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