14 April 2023

14 April 2023 - The East Pointers & Vishtèn - Miraculous Meals

You're probably wondering why I'm sharing March content in April.  

There's two reasons for that.  First, I didn't know what to do with this song, which isn't officially released, and I have no songwriting or recording information about this song.  I just know this recording, which is amazing, which brings me to the second reason, and that is that the music and the story behind the genesis of this song was far too cool to make you wait 11 months to hear it.

The East Pointers & Vishtèn are bands with a lot of things in common.  

They are both folk groups that were originally trios.

They're both from Prince Edward Island and have known each other for decades, since childhood - in fact, The East Pointers recorded their first EP in the living room of two members of Vishtèn - the very same room that the video below was recorded.

And, each has a member that's passed away tragically in the last year or so - each a sibling of another member of the group, and in the case of Vishtèn, also a partner - Pastelle LeBlanc.  We spoke about Koady Chiasson last month. Pastelle passed away at age 42 of breast cancer.  

Cancer sucks, people.  

In the memories of Koady Chaisson and Pastelle LeBlanc, the four surviving members of these two groups got together in Pastelle and Pascal Miousse's living room and made some uplifting, beautiful music.  

Will the four of them get together and make a superband?  Was this a one-off?  No one knows that today except the four people making these beatiful sounds, but I hope the music helped to heal them, at least part-way.

Yes, I have a Vishtèn post queued up for next March.  Don't fret.

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