31 August 2022

31 August 2022 - Ten Second Epic - Every Day

"You were simping for that French Canadian lady yesterday, so you're gonna post a Lights song now, just to prove you aren't simping for that French Canadian lady, aren't you?"

"Actually, today we're going to feature Ten Second Epic.  Yeah, they're Canadian.  Maybe I should have saved this for Maple Leaf March, but whatever.  They have other songs."

"OK, sir, I am impressed.  Good way to break the mold.  Or do they spell it mould?"

"Good question.  I'll have to ask all my favourite Canadians."

"Well, tell me about this song!"

"OK!  This song was off their 2009 album Hometown, This video, for the third single from that album, was directed by Sean Michael Turrell, and centers around a guy asking his lady to forgive him for some ambiguous wrongdoing."

"Oh, I love ladies in videos.  Anything else you need to tell me before I watch this?" 

"Nope.  Go ahead."

"What the fuck, man?!  That was Lights!"

"Oh, was it?  I hadn't noticed."

"I mean, it was first album era Lights that Scott Colvin would have loved, but still. Also, you hadn't noticed?  She literally sings half the vocals!"

"OK, OK, I tried to sneak that one in, I guess.  But she wasn't part of the band so she wasn't with them on the road.  Do you want to see a live performance by the band?"

"I mean, I'm pretty pissed that you tried to pull one over on me, but fine."

"OK, here you go."

"Dude, the thumbnail for that video is literally Lights."

"Oh, oh, sorry.  Editing mistake."

"Yeah, right."

"Here's another performance, without Lights.  Happy?"


"What's wrong now?!"

"I never thought I'd say this, but I like the song better with Lights.  I mean, they're good and all, but...."

"(sigh).  Well, that's all I've got today.  Let's come up with something great for tomorrow."

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