29 August 2022

29 August 2022 - Dua Lipa - Levitating

The old people reading this are wondering who Dua Lipa is.  So, let's set that up.  

Dua Lipa started her professional life as an alt-pop artist a la Charli XCX.  Somewhere along the way, she dropped the 'alt".  

There.  You know enough.

"Levitating" was a worldwide hit in 2021, peaking at #2 in the US and topping the charts elsewhere.  Despite peaking at #2, it spent a LONG time at #2 - long enough to end up being the year end #1 single, according to Billboard - onyl the fourth song to ever accomplish that and the first in two decades.   

It's also a damn catchy song, and a great disco throwback.  It was time.  This is version #3 of the song, a remix featuring DaBaby.

The first (original) and second (a remix by Missy Elliott and Madonna) were released on the same day, and they each got different official videos (as did that third version with DaBaby). Here is that original:


....and here is the Blessed Madonna remix. Yes, that's Missy Elliott in the video as well.  

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