25 November 2021

25 November 2021 - INXS - What You Need

Today, in the United States, it is Thanskgiving.  I felt it was appropriate, therefore, to share my first favorite INXS song - it isn't anymore, and wasn't as soon as I actually listened to all of Listen Like Thieves - but I loved it at the time.

The band's first US Top 10 hit, "What You Need" hit #5 on the Billboard charts.  It was written by Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farris under record label pressure - they were looking for a hit.  The men delivered in a big way.  

Lyrically, the song is a pep talk.  It's literally JUST a pep talk.  Musically, the six-piece all have their featured moments in a high-energy way.  Visually, the video is done using a rotoscope animation technique.  

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