22 November 2021

22 November 2021 - INXS - Taste It

I'm pleased to induct Australian icons INXS into the Wicked Guilty Pleasures Hall of Fame.  This week will feature a LOT of INXS.

Why are they the choice this year?

Because they released in a relatively short time so many iconic songs and videos.  Were they particularly highbrow?  No.  They're a band that did release more complex and nuanced music than it might have looked on the surface, but still was mass-market sexy.   

Their 1992 album, Welcome To Whereever You Are, came at the start of the tail end of their time as a prominent band, but did account for several singles and went platinum in its own right.  It is my favorite INXS album, for a lot of reasons.  The songwriting was top notch.  Michael Hutchence had reached the pinacle of maturity in his performance.  

This video was never released in the States, and, well, it's something else. The song was the 4th single from the album, Written by Hutchence and Andrew Farris, the song is cool and sexy, with all six musicians getting their due, but no one dominating.  It is a perfect encaptualation of the genius of INXS. 

INXS famously found a new lead singer after the death of Michael Hutchence on a reality TV show. We'll talk a lot more about that over this week, but I wanted to touch on this because it's relevant. New vocalist JD Fortune came with a slightly different bravado, but still held his own with this song.

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