29 September 2021

29 September 2021 - Julia Volkova - Didn't Wanna Do It

We've spoken in the past about the ladies of t.A.T.u.  We've spoken about the solo career of Lena Katina. Julia Volkova has one as well.   Unfortunately, this is where we have to jump break......
Because of course there's nudity in her video.  However, we will start with a censored version.  I want to do this 1) because YouTube doesn't really let us embed nudity 2) because you should be focusing on the music, which is a fun club banger, and not on split-second shots of Julia Volkova's boobs.

This is the uncensored version of the above.  Watch at your own risk.

Because she IS Russian, she originally did the song IN Russian.  She did NOT change the music.  Or the video.

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