16 September 2021

16 September 2021 - Cats On Trees - Sirens Call

"Sirens Call" was the 2013 debut single by Toulouse, France duo Cats On Trees, and it's a delight.  

It's also their biggest hit to date, a top 5 hit in both Belgium and their native France.

The duo consists of Nina Goern, on vocals and piano, and Yohan Hennequin, on drums.  The two of them take those instruments to the fullest, filling all the aural space with their music.  Lyrically, it's in English, but passionate and longing.  

It is very tempting to think that a duo might be resorting to studio tricks to give their song such a rich sound.  Here they are, live in 2014, proving that they are not doing that.  They are just that talented.  

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