28 April 2021

28 April 2021 - BTS - Dynamite

OK, people, we were going to obviously get to BTS.  How could we not?  Their harmonies are absolutely infectious.

You will notice over the next couple of weeks that we are talking in a lot of superlatives - biggest, best, first.  We are also using words like "influenced by" or "a throwback to".  And, a lot of those do apply here.  This is the band's first all-English language song, and it is both their first #1 hit in the US and the first #1 hit by any all-South Korean group.  It earned the band their first Grammy nomination.

But this song isn't influencED.  It is influenTIAL.  It is a fresh, modern pop hit.  The country of origin doesn't matter.  Other artists are now looking to South Korea for influence.  This song is a great example of that.  

I mentioned the Grammys.  BTS performed this song at the 2021 Grammy Awards broadcast... and gave a hell of a performance.

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