20 September 2013

20 September 2013 - Kylie Minogue - WOW & I Should Be So Lucky & Timebomb

It amazes me how some people who are stars when they are really young - Kylie started acting when she was 11, and recording when she was 18, instantly making hits - can continue to be such huge hitmakers so many years later - Kylie is 45 now.

It amazes me how someone who is such a HUGE star in just about every other country has only had 2 Top 10 hits in the US (2 additional top 40 hits), and neither of them are this, a worldwide hit from 2008.  It's funky, it's danceable, and it lends itself to really good remixes.

It amazes me how much some songs lend themselves so easily to really good remixes.

It amazes me how much Kylie has changed since she was 18.....This song was a US Top 30 hit, but #1 just about everywhere else.

It amazes me that Kylie is still making music. Good electronic dance music.  And she still has time to join the next season of The Voice UK!

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