13 September 2013

13 September 2013 - Brooke Candy - Everybody Does

There's so, so many things I could say about this song. I could talk about the tiny little chameleons, most of which I think are CGI, but I cannot confirm.  I could talk about the outrageous outfits and super-long dreadlocks.  I could talk about Brooke Candy's connections to other artists we've featured on this blog.

I could talk about how Wikipedia states that Brooke Candy - her real name, by the way - is best known for appearing in a Grimes video. ("Genesis".  Another day for that song)

Or I could talk about the over-sexualized music and this clearly censored video. And yet, despite the fact that she's talking about clubbing and stripping (she is a former stripper, after all) and having sex, and despite the fact that she's clearly topless in parts of this video.... this video doesn't seem quite as whoreish as it could have.  In fact, this foul-mouthed woman comes off as smart and empowered.

Plus, she's got skills.

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