26 July 2012

26 July 2012 - P!nk - So What

I know you're all bummed that you don't get your weekly dose of 80s Thursdays (or whateverthehell I'm calling it these days), but we're celebrating our latest Hall of Fame inductee P!nk this week. Deal.

Here's another one of my favorite P!nk videos. I mean, c'mon, how can you not like the sight of her driving down a busy street drinking beers on a riding lawnmower, beating up a guitar store salesman (hey, who hasn't wanted to do that?), wielding a chainsaw, throwing beer cans at an ex's car, stripping for paparazzi, accidentally setting her hair on fire with a lighter and hairspray, handing out piss beers, and getting in a big group pillow fight? For all of those reasons, I salute you Alecia! You and fellow WGP Hall of Famer Katy Perry can hang out and drink with me any time.

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