11 July 2012

11 July 2012 - The Odds - Heterosexual Man (+ non-guilty Corner Gas bonuses!)

This mid-90's Canadian tribute to heterosexual masculinity was written and performed by singer/songwriter Craig Northey and his band, The Odds. It is a wickedly funny pop song that didn't get nearly enough airplay in the States.

After the Odds broke up in 1999, Craig Northey went on to do some collaboration work, most notable with Jesse Valenzuela from the Gin Blossoms (I am sure you all have the Northey Valenzuela record, right?).  He also did a lot of television scoring, most notably this opening theme (performed as Northey Valenzuela) for perhaps the greatest television series in history, Corner Gas.  The version here is from the Season 5 DVD, which I do not yet own.

I really miss Corner Gas.

His success with Corner Gas prompted Craig Northey to reform the Odds, and he included the CLOSING theme on their reunion album.  I use this song as my ringtone.  No joke.  Greatest opening riff in television history, even if it didn't get enough love outside of Canada.

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