25 June 2012

25 June 2012 - Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy

Tomorrow, on Totally Covered, I'm going to share with you my Favorite Song of All Time. Bar none. I will give you a hint today.

Glen Campbell made the 2nd biggest hit of his career in sales with this mid-70's campy crossover classic.  He had already proven himself to be capable of greatness in his career, with both earlier hits and his work as a Beach Boy.    This song was pure camp.  It was well-written camp, but it was camp. Here he is, performing the song on Midnight Special

A little bonus: Here is the OFFICIAL video for the song.  Tell me that's not a little campy. I dare you.  Did he really need to be riding a white horse and wearing the white hat?  Still, it's a fun and well-written song.

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