20 June 2012

20 June 2012 - Boston - Let Me Take You Home Tonight

When Boston released their third album, Third Stage, in 1986, it was a pretty big deal.  First, they hadn't released anything in eight years, so it was hotly anticipated.  Second, they used no synthesizers to get their signature dreamy sound.  Tom Scholz was the heart of the band, and invented the Rockman amplifier to replace literal tons of soaks and stacks and retain the Boston sound.

This is a song from their first album, and features the soul of the band, Brad Delp, on vocals. It is, and always has been, my favorite Boston song.  Of course, in 1986, I was too naive to realize that it was a protracted cheesy pickup line - now that I do, I appreciate the song even more.   As an aside, this was recorded almost thirty years after the original recording in 1976, and Brad Delp still sounded fantastic. Sadly, he would commit suicide less than three years after this 2004 performance.

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