28 May 2012

28 May 2012 - Pitbull - Back In TIme

My fiancee and I went to the movies this weekend.  We saw "Men In Black 3".  In 3D.  I always insist on waiting through the closing credits and watching for anything at the end.  Tip: If you see "The Avengers", wait for the end of the credits.

Anyway, this song, which heavily samples the Mickey and Sylvia classic "Love Is Strange", was playing over the closing credits.  I really enjoyed it, but didn't know until the end that it was Pitbull - an artist I haven't enjoyed in the past - that performed it.  It's a clever use of sampling, and it's a clean, family-friendly song that goes to great lengths to be that way.  All in all, a fine song.  #16 on the Billboard charts already, too!

Also, the movie wasn't bad.  Better than the first, and from what I hear, light years better than the 2nd.

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