11 June 2024

11 June 2024 - Carole Pope ft. Peaches - Lesbians in the Forest

Look, you're not supposed to take Carole Pope too seriously.  She's a comidienne, who makes humourous music. 

So, you can laugh at all the stereotypes that she wrote into this song.  From her 2014 album, Music for Lesbians, and co-written by TIm Welch (who plays a lot of the instruments) and Peaches, the song is quite the journey.  

But she's also a punk pioneer, being a founder of Rough Trade and other early punk acts.   She's a classic, through and through, and she's still making music.  She was also one of the first openly lesbian musicians - so when she goes to a forest, she is literally a lesbian in a forest - but also, she was unafraid, even from her early days.  

So, even though this song was a bit of a laugh, it's also a testament to Carole Pope's life.

Like everyone else during the pandemic, Carole did a live version of this video over Zoom, and yes, Peaches shows up here, in typical Peaches fashion.

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