18 June 2024

18 June 2024 - Mother Mother - Infinitesimal

Wikipedia would have you believe that Mother Mother are a Canadian indie rock band from British Columbia.

Mostly because they are.  But they're more than that.

They're one of the holdovers from #MapleLeafMarch 2023 that I could not even get to in 2024 OR 2025 because they were so full.  I mean, I did post "Hayloft" eariler this year, which pushed this song back FURTHER, but I've had this draft for years.

This song, from the 2012 album The Sticks, was released as a single in 2013. This particular tune was a top 20 alternative hit in Canada in 2013 - and I'm a little surprised it didn't go bigger. Bigger was in their future and their past.  

They are a band with some depth, for sure.  Here they are, performing the song in a stripped-down manner in Calgary in 2012. 

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