11 March 2014

11 March 2014 - 311 - Down

This one seemed kind of obvious. So much so, that I wonder why I didn't think about it before. Anyway, let's celebrate 3/11 with one of my favorite 311 songs. Truth time: I actually liked their first and third albums and saw them in a small club before Down blew up. I can't say I've really liked anything they've done since, but that may have more to do with a change in my musical tastes. Seriously 311, it's not you, it's me.



  1. It's the first time you've had a chance. You had 3/12 the last two years.

  2. Ha...nice! But I actually really liked Soundsystem as well, thought their cover of the Cure's Love Song was very well done, and actually thought Universal Pulse was pretty good and felt like a bit of a throwback.

  3. They had a song called Amber that I kind of liked after their 3rd album. I just lost touch with them. Their first album was a lot of fun. Freak Out and My Stoney Baby were staples on my college radio show back in the day.