03 April 2013

3 April 2013 - Len - Steal My Sunshine / Andrea True Connection - More, More, More

It was 1999.  Limp Biskit were the toast of the world.  Hip hop and metal were crashing into each other.  It took a bunch of Canadians slacking off in SoCal to take the metal back out.

That's right.  Len isn't a California band.  They are a Toronto band, built by Marc Costanzo (ex of Sum 41) and his sister Sharon - the two vocalists on this song, their biggest hit to date. It's chill and fun.  I'm sure you're all humming the song already.

Of course, this song would not exist if not for the fact that... "blue" movie star Andrea True (her real name) didn't take a trip to Jamaica in 1975 and decide to sing a song about her day job.

That's right.  The song is about porn, people.

The song is a disco classic - it's fun, it's energetic, and it has a great wood block beat and a fantastic bassline.  I know Marc Costanzo agrees - he chose it for his song as well.  And now, these two great, fun song are linked forever.

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