26 April 2013

26 April 2013 - The Monkees - Valleri & Mary Mary

Despite the fact that The Monkees were a manufactured group, built specifically for a television show, these four gentlemen were serious, solid musicians.  A lot of people slag on them for being the Pre-Fab Four - a play on the nickname given to The Beatles - but they all had some chops.

Take this song.  Davy Jones takes the lead vocal on the song.  The verses are short, jangle-pop, but the chorus is 60's-level bombastic.  The performance is full of emotion from all four members.

On this song, Mickey Dolenz takes the lead vocal, but I want you to pay attention to the serious guitar chops brought by Michael Nesmith.  That gentleman was - IS - a fantastic guitarist, and few songs highlight his skills better than this song.  Pay attention to that and the harmonies provided by bassist Peter Tork.


  1. THANK YOU!!!

    I love the Monkees! Could totally just jam to their Greatest Hits album, it's so full of great stuff.

    Is it wrong that I enjoy their music much more than the Beetles?

  2. Not wrong at all. They were an excellent band. I don't care what anyone else says.