04 January 2013

4 January 2013 - Ashlee Simpson - La La

I started this blog on the 5th of January, 2012.  I started it with this post, dedicated to an artist that my friend Scott and I had discussed many times in the past, and who really was the inspiration for this entire blog.

So, what better way to honor our first anniversary than a post once again dedicated to that artist?  This song, from 2004, was the one that really brought Ashlee into the limelight, out of her sister Jessica's shadow (pun intended).  It wasn't a light-hearted pop song at all.  It was more in the power-pop-rock genre where Ashlee dominated.  Visually, there are a lot of sparkly things to look at here.  And, clearly, Ashlee is trying to distance herself from her sister's (at the time) squeaky-clean image.  You know, as she sings about quasi-S&M.

In all seriousness, I saved this song for this date, because it is one of my favorite songs, guilty pleasure or not.    It is catchy and danceable, straddles pop and rock perfectly, and is lyrically clever.  I don't give a damn how well Ashlee did or did not sing on Saturday Night Live.  Music is supposed to be fun, and this song is, perfectly.

As a bonus, here is Ashlee, singing live - not on Saturday Night Live, obviously - adding a little "Santa Baby" to this song.

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