02 January 2013

2 January 2013 - Everclear - Everything To Everyone

I struggled for a bit to figure out what my first post of 2013 should be.    Ultimately, I decided on this - a pop-rock classic from 1997 that didn't get nearly the attention it deserved (although it was the biggest hit of their tenure on the Modern Rock charts).

It seems strange that I didn't pick a straight-ahead pop song to start the year, but this video and this song simply fascinate me.  I know it's a lot of clever editing that makes the video work - I am pretty sure it's not a skinny oval room with a camera spinning in the middle - but it's a neat effect.

Lyrically, the song is perhaps the most clever and biting we've ever posted.  Both in that respect and musically, the song gets angrier and more frenetic as it goes on.  Despite all this anger, it's a fun, fun song you can bounce to - as is evidenced at about 2:30 of the video.  Enjoy!


  1. Good choice. This (So Much For The Afterglow) was a very harsh and painful album lyrically, all while being enjoyable musically. It's that dichotomy that makes me love Everclear so much.

    And, strangely enough, there are probably 6 other songs on the album that I like even better, but this is still a great song. The whole thing is a great listen from end-to-end.

    1. Agreed, Greg! They make angry, yet bouncy and enjoyable music. And I also agree that this album, and others, are great end-to-end works of art. Few artists think of the whole album anymore - Everclear did.