06 September 2012

5 September 2012 - Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me

OK, I forgot to post yesterday.  I'm sorry!  Here's some music from my favorite Simpson sister as the reward for your patience.

Ashlee's beautifully Wicked Guilty Pleasure music is the reason we started this blog.  Despite her Saturday Night Live debacle, this song does show her vocal range nicely.

(Update: 6 August 2013)  I felt like updating this post for no reason other than I wanted to find a version of this song performed live that I could pretty reliably determine to be live and not Memorex.  So, here it is, slightly more bombastic than the studio version.

And here is ANOTHER one, which is less bombastic, but more mature, from 2008 (the song was recorded in 2004, so she really is more mature and more controlled).

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