21 September 2012

21 September 2012 - Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now? / Santana & Michelle Branch - The Game of Love / Timbaland & Michelle Branch - Getaway

I was wondering the other day, "Whatever happened to Michelle Branch?"  I mean, for a few years there, she was a pretty bit hitmaker.

Well, I did some research and found the answer.  But, before I give that to you, why don't you enjoy this video, a top 20 hit from 2003?  It's both dreamy and angry - a little full of teen angst, but with musical talent to back up the angst.

In 2003, Michelle had a Grammy win for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocal - her song "The Game of Love" with Santana.  Even though I'm not a fan of Santana - most overrated guitarist in history? Maybe. - he chose a fantastic and talented artist - who is pretty good with a guitar in her own right - with whom to collaborate.

After that Grammy win, Michelle formed 1/2 of the country duo The Wreckers, a collaboration which earned her another well-deserved Grammy nomination - and who deserve their own posting (and who Scott wrote about in another one of his blogs here).  After that duo broke up, she has remained busy, recording a couple of albums, touring, and collaborating with Timbaland.  Which I have now discovered.

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  1. The first song I will always think of when I hear "Michelle Branch" is "All You Wanted", though I think "I'd Rather Be In Love" is one of her best.