07 March 2012

7 March 2012 - Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape

When No Doubt broke in 1995, I was in love. Fun music and good times. A decade later, the band was on hiatus and spitfire singer Gwen Stefani started a solo career...making pop music. Needless to say I was doubtful about it being any good. Thankfully, I wasn't listening to pop radio at the time and magically missed the whole Hollaback Girl thing. To be honest, my head might have exploded if I heard it back then. Fast forward to 2010, I found myself listening to a local pop station when The Sweet Escape came on (four years after its release). I immediately, recognized Gwen's voice and thought to myself, "hey, this isn't that bad." Which upon further listens went to "I like this song." And finally, "crank it up!!!"

That said, here's to hoping the new No Doubt record is Tragic Kingdom II.

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