31 March 2012

31 March 2012 - Olivia Newton-John - A Little More Love

In the late 70's, Olivia was everywhere.  From the radio, to television, to movies with ELO and roller skates.  Oh, and she played Sandy in Grease.

Olivia's music was country-infused - she was one of the first Australian artists to have a US Country hit - but in the late 70's, she moved to more straight-ahead pop. This was one of her earlier pop hits, around the time of the release of Grease.  I love her innocent sound, even though her songs are borderline dirty.  I hope you enjoy it.

(Update: 2 April 2018)  I had intended to post THIS SONG today, to match our cover by Juliana Hatfield over at Totally Covered.  Well, that didn't work out, so instead, I fixed a broken video on this post and I'm adding another.  Enjoy!

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