18 December 2023

18 December 2023 - Rolling Quartz - Fearless

K-Rock?  It ain't pop, for sure.

In any language, this is real rock music.  Jayoung is a charismatic lead vocalist with a hell of a stage pressence.  The entire band is full of talented musicians who know how to play.

Watch at the 0:55 point of the video.  It's clear the video director told the band to each individulally give a deep, serious, sultry look to the camera.  Iree - the guitarist, who is a damn virtuoso - is way too happy to be there at 1:00.  It becomes her song at 1:59, when she goes into what is arguably the sickest guitar solo in Korean music history.  

I know there's a tendency to believe that a lot of Korean music is manufactured and built in a studio, with limited reliance on live talent.  Yes, sometimes, that's true.  It is NOT true with Rolling Quartz. Three things of note in this live performance.

1) It's not perfect.  Live performances shouldn't be.
2) Yeonguen's feet are going a mile a minute on those drums.
3) There are actually TWO guitar solos in order.  Rhythm guitarist Hyunjung gets a solo, too - and she's pretty damned solid herself.

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