12 September 2023

12 September 2023 - Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

 The story here is about the video, and we have to warn you, it's explicit.

It's also not available on YouTube.  

The song became notorious for its video, which was sexually and violently explicit - and has an unexpected twist ending.   We won't spoil it.  But you don't want to watch this at work.

The vocals are performed by Brooklyn artist Kool Keith, and the song samples too many other songs to mention - seriously, no less than five.  See if you can identify them.  Yes, the lyrics are coarse - some, including the BBC, called them misogynistic and banned the song.   

The song, on the strength of the video, edited by Thomas Lagerman and directed byJonas Åkerlund, is absolutely Prodigy's biggest hit and best known song.  It's a techno-heavy song - and manages to be less electronic-sounding and more heavy than most dance music - which makes it unique.  

Last warning.  The video contains violence, drug use, and nudity.  Turn away if you will be triggered by that.

Vimeo.  We had to use Vimeo.

It may be hard to imagine such a sample-heavy song could be performed live... and yet, it has been.  And it's kind of exciting.

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