13 June 2023

13 June 2023 - Kris Kross - Warm It Up

It's been said it is nearly impossible to follow up a gigantic hit debut single with anything nearly as successful.

Kris Kross had a monstrous debut single with "Jump" and faced the nearly impossible.  They followed it up with a top 20 worldwide hit that got a ton of airplay and sold more than a half million copies. They did it not simply by wearing their pants backwards, but by dropping dope rhymes written by Jermaine Dupri, who also produced their track.  

The Daddy Mac and the late Mac Daddy had skills.  They were better at dropping rhymes than people twice their ages (they were 12 when they recorded this).  They brought pride to Atlanta, and their music, even their second single, endures to this day.

They were 12 when they recorded this, but they didn't stay 12, and their voices changed, and, as can be seen by this video, they didn't change at the same times.  One Chris had his deeper voice already here - but the other didn't really.  

That did not impact their mad skillz.

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