14 November 2020

14 November 2020 - Nirvana - [hidden track]

Yep.  We posted this in the middle of the night, on an early Saturday morning, JUST TO HIDE IT.  And we probably won't share this on Twitter.

There are at least two times that Nirvana had a hidden track on albums featuring them.  The first one we will mention is from the 1993 AIDS fundraising album No Alternative.  Most versions of the album feature this song, titled "Sappy" as a hidden track, although some bill it as "Verse, Chorus, Verse."  After Kurt Cobain's death, it was discovered that there was another song called "Verse, Chorus, Verse" in the Nirvana unreleased catalog, and so subsequent releases of this song on various compilations do restore its original title.

The second is well known for those of us who one day decided to just leave their Nevermind CD running after "Something In The Way" was done.  10 minutes of silences are followed by this very loud and forceful song.

It was not my first listen to the album when I discovered it.  And yes, I did have a "what the f***" response when I did.  

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