08 July 2016

8 July 2016 - Everclear - Santa Monica

Let me put this right out there.  Art Alexakis wrote a brilliant song here.

The song starts off kind of quiet, but grows angrier as it continues.  Even in its anger, this three-minute masterpiece still stays controlled, and, dare I say, fun.  But back to that buildup.  The band is a three-piece.  They get a lot of sound out of that three-piece.

But that's not why I think it's brilliant.

The lyrics are powerful and heartfelt and angry and poignant and eloquent.  And, for a three-minute song, there are a lot of lyrics.

But that's not why I think it's brilliant.

It's all of it together. And even more than twenty years later, this is a song that sticks with me.  It's a song I enjoy more with every listen. Which isn't something I would have thought in the mid 90's.  It's a surprising piece of genius.

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  1. Yes, one of my favorite songs by my favorite band. Art's one of the great songwriters in my book, often hooking you on a whole story when most artists struggle to convey a coherent thought. This whole album had a lot of the gritty stories like this one did.

    And he's done it time and again "Father of Mine", "Everything to Everyone", "Wonderful", etc.

    Even today, he keeps it going. The band has changed, but I saw them tour in 2013 and it was a fantastic show. They even released a new album in 2015 which still hit some pretty great notes.