19 March 2015

19 March 2015 - Juliana Hatfield - I See You

I'm not going to tell The Story again.

I am going to post this very chipper and slightly sad song that she did not perform in 1995... probably because it sounded very Blake Babies-like.   Which I would have been OK with.... except at the time, she was trying to distance herself from that period.

And if you haven't read her book, When I Grow Up, you should.  Really good book.

Anyway, the song is still sweet, more than 20 years later.   It remains an enduring favorite of mine.  At the time of its release - around about 1992, when I was still mourning the end of the Blake Babies - I remember liking her whole Hey Babe album, because it gave me hope that the classic sound would live on.  This song was a surprise (to me) single choice, but a solid one, and one that still endures for me, so many years later.

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