22 January 2014

22 January 2014 - Avicii - Wake Me Up

Rarely has a song been so able to mix acoustic guitar and electronica. And yet this song sounds like both a folk song and dance music.  When it was first introduced, live, the crowd of electronic music fans were reportedly confused and angered.  It's a different type of song.  But it works.

The stage name of Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, Avicii has been a prolific remixer for years.  The vocals on this song were done by Aloe Blacc, with Mike Eizinger from Incubus providing the acoustic guitar. 

1 comment:

  1. This song is great, as is pretty much the whole album. There are some hooks and beats that are a bit jarring at the first listen, but then begin to fit and flow much better with each iteration. This song has nothing on the power of "Hey Brother" on the same album, which is the same kind of style, but with a more soulful delivery.

    However, this video is awful. I get the idea of being an outsider and wanting to be accepted, but the whole "if you all won't accept us, then I'm taking my 8-year-old sister to a rave" just doesn't work well.