21 June 2013

21 June 2013 - Katrina and The Waves - Walking on Sunshine

No song personified mid-80s optimism quite like this one.  The only U.S. hit by Katrina and The Waves, Kimberley Rew (who was one of the Waves) wrote it as a ballad.  Katrina had other ideas, and belted the song.

She made the right choice.  Now, they've together crafted one of those songs that you just can't help but smile when you hear.

Katrina Leskanich is still singing the hell out of this song. Here she is in a television performance from 2010.


  1. Hey Tony, not sure if you meant to be talking about Katrina or Kimberley when you said "she wrote....", but you know Kimberley wrote it and that he's a dude, right? He was in the Soft Boys too.

    1. I can't believe I never replied to this. Yes, the "she" was Katrina.