11 March 2013

11 March 2013 - Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (& Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch) & Trout (feat. Michael Stipe)

I have to be honest - when I started this post, I started with a completely different artist (not coincidentally from the same country) who I will revisit at another time.

But today, it seemed appropriate to go with a slightly different artist.  Neneh Cherry, stepdaughter of jazz musician Don Cherry (he married her mother and raised her - hence her surname) was born in Stockholm, Sweden.  Her first international solo single, "Buffalo Stance", was really catchy and easy to dance to, but it had a lot of asking what a buffalo stance really was.  Well, I'm here to answer that question for you.

A buffalo stance is kind of like a red carpet photography pose.  "Buffalo" refers to a particular group of UK models, photographers, cosmetologists, etc., who included Cherry as a member.  It also was an homage to Malcom MacLaren's "Buffalo Gals", which she sampled.

What most people don't know is that this was the 2nd time she did this song.  She performed this as the B-Side of a Morgan-McVey single called "Looking Good Diving", titled "Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch."  The samples are much different, but you can tell it's the same song.  Lyrically, it nearly matches, right down to the future title.

By the way, the final version of "Buffalo Stance" samples "Looking Good Diving".  And she married Cameron McVey.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't post my favorite song by Neneh Cherry, a single from her 2nd album, Homebrew.  The other voice you hear is R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, the majors samples are from Steppenwolf's "The Pusher" and, of course, "When The Levee Breaks"  provides the drum line.  Sorry there isn't a pretty video.  Trust me.  The song is worth it.

So, how do you handle a song with heavy samples and a duet partner that isn't touring with you?  You hire a brilliant band and write a song that translates to a solo performance.

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