17 January 2013

17 January 2013 - Crystal Bowersox - Farmer's Daughter

Tony left the door wide-open for me to post about the Season 4 American Idol winner. And trust me I want to. Even if I already posted about her here. Maybe next week. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Instead, I'll go with the AI runner-up from Season 9. I heard good things about Crystal Bowersox during her AI run and was intrigued when her debut record Farmer's Daughter came out in 2010. I was immediately taken in by her strong soulful voice (think Joplin, but without the whiskey and cigarettes) and great songs (all but one of which she wrote). The first single and title track blew me away with its honesty. It's an incredibly sad song/story, but there's hope in the end. Word on the street is that her follow-up record will be released this spring and I for one am looking forward to hearing it.

And since I compared Crystal to Janis earlier, I suppose I should dig up her AI performance of Me and Bobby McGee.

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