31 December 2012

31 December 2012 - Karmin - Crash Your Party

I suppose it doesn't surprise too many of you that my pick for Album of the Year would have been Hello by Karmin if it had more than seven songs.  If maybe they had slid this song on the album, I'd feel better about that choice.

I cannot say enough good about these two.  I don't really give a damn what Gawker says about them. Frankly, this post was our third biggest of 2012 - and with this link, I'm pretty sure it'll jump to 2nd.  So.... well, someone likes this white-girl rap.  Count me among that someone.  They're fun, they're musically sound, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them.

As far as this song, a late-2011 release, it's fun, it's different, and the video is pretty cool.  I really wish they'd re-release this as a single.

I'm a little irked they didn't get a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, but I guess we can't everything....

Thank you for reading this little blog in 2012.  We'll be back next year with more - but probably not quite so much Karmin.

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