12 November 2012

12 November 2012 - The Archies - Sugar Sugar

Perhaps the greatest single to ever come from a cartoon.

Oh, you didn't realize that, when we say The Archies performed this song, we were referring to THE Archies, from the Archie comic books and popular television series?  Don't be embarrassed.  Most people don't.

But it's true.  Reggie plays bass, Jughead is on the drums, Veronica Lodge is on the keyboards, and Betty Cooper is on the tambourine.  Of course, Archie plays lead guitar and sings.  I mean, the band does carry his name, right?  It's a simple song, with simple chord progressions, but it builds - it is quiet at points, but it moves to frantic as the song wears on.

Of course, we all know that cartoons require voices.  In this case, the singing voice of Archie Andrews was provided by a man named Ron Dante.  Here he is, singing his signature hit in real life.  The real musicians were session musician, recruited by none other than the great Don Kirshner.  As you can see and hear, it is the same song, but Ron Dante just doesn't look as appealing as an animated Archie Andrews.

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