18 April 2012

18 April 2012 - Minnie Driver - Beloved

I miss used cd shops. There used to be about four of them in my town, but over the years they have all closed down (granted we now have a vinyl store, which is pretty rad). I used to spend hours scouring the cheap bins hoping to find some gems...and I often would. One particular day I rolled across the brand new Minnie Driver cd for $3.99. Minnie Driver sings? Who knew? Turns out it was her second record. Really? Curiosity of course set in and I had to buy it, even though all I could think was that there's no way it could be listenable (no disrespect to Ms. Driver, it's just...well, there hasn't been a ton of crossover success for actors in the music world). Happy to say though that I was wrong, and that Seastories is a perfectly pleasant listen with a bit of country, folk and pop music mixed with Driver's breathy vocals. Man, now I'm really missing used cd shops. Maybe I should head over to the Goodwill and do some cd hunting.

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