25 August 2023

25 August 2023 - The Beatles - We Can Work it Out

So, this is a weird song in how it's constructed.  Let's breat it down.

Paul McCartney took the first stab at it, writing the lyrics - probably about a relationship he was having with British actress Jane Asher at the time.  She been happily married for forty years, so don't ask her.   He then took it to John Lennon, with whom he came up with the middle part ("Life is very short...")

But you might notice a tempo change in the middle.   That's more than a tempo change.  That's a change to 3/4 time - and that was the brainchild of the uncredited George Harrison.  It, by design, sounds like a waltz, in contrast to the pop-rock sound of the rest of the song.  

The song also goes from optimism in the verse and chorus to a slightly less optimistic and more philosophical tone in the middle.  It's quite interesting to listen to the song go thematically and muscally back and forth.  Paul took the lead vocal roles, with John joining with harmonies in the middle. 

"We Can Work It Out" was release in December 1965 as a double A-side single - along with "Day Tripper" - and quickly became a #1 hit,   It's worth noting that Stevie Wonder also had a hit with the song in the early 1970s with the song.  

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